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Article of the Week - Rich "Uncle" Pennybags

Rich "Uncle" Pennybags is the round old man with a mustachio in a top hat who serves as the mascot of the game Monopoly. In large parts of the world he is also, or even exclusively, known as Mr. Monopoly.

The character first appeared on Chance and Community Chest cards in U.S. editions of Monopoly in 1936. The identity of the artist who designed the character has remained a mystery. Historian and author Philip Orbanes wrote in 2004 that it is believed that the character is based on either the calling cards of Albert Edward Richardson (Parker Brothers' first traveling salesman), the character of "Little Esky" from Esquire magazine, or a combination of the two. Orbanes later wrote, in 2006, that the character was also partially influenced by the stature and dress of financier and banker J. P. Morgan.

The unnamed character made his first appearance outside of Monopoly within the Parker Brothers' game Dig, released in 1940, before the U.S. entered World War II. The character did not receive a name until 1946 when the game Rich Uncle was published by Parker Brothers. His likeness appeared on that game's box lid, game instructions, and currency.

In 1988, Orbanes published the first edition of his book The Monopoly Companion. In the book, all of the characters that appear on the Monopoly board or within the decks of cards received a name. Uncle Pennybags' full name was given as Milburn Pennybags, the character "In Jail" is named "Jake the Jailbird", and the police officer on Go to Jail is named "Officer Edgar Mallory".

In 1999, Rich Uncle Pennybags was renamed Mr. Monopoly.

Article of the Week - The Beer Hall Putsch

The Beer Hall Putsch, also known as the Munich Putsch, Bierkeller Putsch and, in German, as the Hitlerputsch or Hitler-Ludendorff-Putsch, was a failed attempt by the Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler with Generalquartiermeister Erich Ludendorff and other Kampfbund leaders to seize power in Munich, Bavaria, during 8–9 November 1923. Around two-thousand men marched to the centre of Munich and, in the ensuing confrontation with police forces, sixteen Nazis and four policemen were killed.

Hitler was arrested two days later and was charged with treason. The failure of the putsch brought Hitler his first national publicity. He was arrested and, after a 24-day trial, sentenced to five years in Landsberg fortress. On 20 December 1924, having served only nine months, Hitler was released.

The lasting outcome of the putsch was the development and furthering of Nazi propaganda.

Though Hitler failed to achieve his immediate stated goal, the putsch did give the Nazis their first exposure to national attention and a propaganda victory. While serving their "fortress confinement" sentences at Landsberg am Lech, Hitler and Rudolf Hess wrote Mein Kampf. Also, the putsch changed Hitler's outlook on violent revolution to effect change. From then on he thought that, in order to win the German heart, he must do everything by the book, strictly legal. Later on, the German people would call him Hitler Legalité or "Hitler the Lawful".

The process of combination, where the conservative-nationalist-monarchist group thought that they could piggyback on to and control the National Socialist movement to garner the seats of power, was to repeat itself 10 years later in 1933 when Franz von Papen would legally ask Hitler to form a government.

Article of the Week - William Fargo

William George Fargo (May 20, 1818 – August 3, 1881), pioneer American expressman, was born in Pompey, New York. From the age of thirteen he had to support himself, obtaining little schooling, and for several years he was a clerk in grocery stores in Syracuse.

He became a freight agent for the Auburn & Syracuse railway company at Auburn in 1841, an express messenger between Albany and Buffalo a year later, and in 1843 a resident agent in Buffalo.
In 1844 he organized, with Henry Wells (1805–1878) and Daniel Dunning, the first express company (Wells & Co.; after 1845 Livingston & Fargo) to engage in the carrying business west of Buffalo. The lines of this company (which first operated only to Detroit, via Cleveland) were rapidly extended to Chicago, St. Louis, and other western points.

In March 1850, when through a consolidation of competing lines the American Express Company was organized, Wells became president and Fargo secretary. In 1851, with Wells and others, he organized the firm of Wells Fargo & Company to conduct an express business between New York and San Francisco by way of the Isthmus of Panama and on the Pacific coast, where it long had a virtual monopoly.

In 1861 Wells Fargo & Company bought and reorganized the Overland Mail Co., which had been formed in 1857 to carry the United States mails, and of which Fargo had been one of the original promoters.

From 1862 to 1866 he was mayor of Buffalo, and from 1868 to his death in Buffalo, he was president of the American Express Company, with which in 1868 the Merchants Union Express Co. was consolidated. He was a director of the New York Central and of the Northern Pacific railways. During his term as mayor, the Buffalo riot of 1862 took place.

Team names to die for!

Last Tuesday the house was packed. Excellent teams names, close competition until the end, and an excellent new menu led to one of the best trivia nights in the history of Quizzmaster trivia at Titletown.

I mean, just look at these team names: Putin on the blitz; If Ukraine your neck-you can see the Russians from here!

The top prize went to "I can't believe you got a cheese for that…", but every team had a chance before the dreaded Best Picture round.

Photos from the night…

The fun starts again two weeks. See you there!

Until next time Green Bay, drink while you think…

Tuesday March 4th, 2013 scores:

  1. 52 I can't believe you got a cheese for that…
  2. 41 The second cold war II
  3. 40 Putin on the blitz
  4. 38 Crimean river
  5. 35 On a scale of Casey Anthony to Jerry Sandusky, how much do you like kids
  6. 34 Leonardo Dicaprio + the infinite sadness
  7. 34 Don't McConnahate the playa, McConnahate the game
  8. 33 If Ukraine your neck-you can see the Russians from here!
  9. 24 Quiz, in my pants

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